What is Yogapuncture?

Yogapuncture is the combination of a yoga practice with the experience of community acupuncture. The class invloves a 75 minute all-levels flow class to get the qi and prana moving. At the end of the flow, Cindy will assist the students in finding a supported savasana, using bolsters and blankets to put them in a place where they can lie comfortably for at least 20 minutes. Based on the information provided on a card at the start of class, Cindy will plant a few acupuncture needles in each student to assist them to find a deep and restorative, long savasana. The overall class creates a unique experience which is different from either yoga or acupuncture on its own. Everyone is welcome, but please be sure to let Cindy know if this is your very first experience with acupuncture so she can make sure you feel comfortable before your session.

"Yogapuncture brings together the best of two worlds. Cindy's classes are a great way to invigorate the body and calm the mind. Her yoga instruction is fluid and organic. Her acupuncture treatments are healing and restorative. Combining these two disciplines brings harmony to the soul."
-Jean S.

"When I was 17 years old I was a Full Scholarship athlete to the top Division I soccer programs in the country. That same year, I woke up and was literally paralyzed from the waste down. After multiple doctors telling me my athletic career was over, I completely gave up on my health and fitness or any type of true rehabilitation. For years, people recommended both Yoga and Acupuncture, both of which I resisted. I found Yoga several years ago and it made a massive difference. And then, just this past year I was introduced to Cindy and her game-changing YogaPuncture experience. Within in just a few minutes of observing my movement and taking the time to talk with me, Cindy immediately identified how she could help me.  Having the ability to complete a 75 minute flow class which makes my back feel deliciously warm and youthful again, followed by Acupuncture specific to my challenge areas left me feeling like I was walking on clouds.  I currently work for one of the top Fitness companies in the country  and also am training for high level endurance sports and every day since my first experience with Cindy and YogaPuncture I literally haven't been able to stop talking about the benefits of such a unique and instantly beneficial (and gratifying) process. Saying I highly recommend this class, would be a vast understatement."  
-Zach S.

Cindy Rosenberg, L.Ac.

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