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"I have been seeing Cindy for over a year for various ailments. Last week, I had major pain in my back with ongoing back spasms. I emailed her at 6am and she was able to get me an appointment same day. After an hour of body work and precise needle placement, my spasms stopped. Time and time again, her work has helped me avoid taking unnecessary medications. She is a true healer, very easy to talk to and incredibly skilled. I would send any friend to her."
-Alexandra B.

"I saw Cindy for chronic foot pain that I've dealt with my whole life. After my first pregnancy it was exacerbated, and Cindy literally made it go away. It's been several years since I was treated, and the pain still comes back, but nowhere near as severe as it was before Cindy.
I also have a friend who swears by treatments from Cindy to help with some pain management issues resulting from chemotherapy. Whenever she comes to LA she makes sure she can see Cindy. I had never thought about acupuncture until I saw Cindy, but I'm a believer!"
-Deb D.

Cindy is a genuine healer. She has a powerful and peaceful energy. After a treatment with Cindy I feel that I have been happily derailed from whatever ache and or pain I was dealing with. Cindy is an excellent listener, and has an empathic and gentle approach. I have had acupuncture before, and Cindy's gentle touch is notable. Thanks for the help. My lower back thanks you."
-Barry G.

"[My 3 year old son] has had a horrible cold and now it's in his chest and he is coughing and I think both the wind breaker and the chest relief have both been really helping him. I am only giving him the chest relief now, and his coughing has stopped significantly while every other kid I see with the cough is on antibiotics. So thank you! If you have any other herbs for him that might come in handy, let me know please! Even [my husband] is a believer in it now!"
-Deb G.

"Cindy is a healer, plain and simple. She is my absolute go-to health care professional, whether it's chronic pain, allergies, seasonal illness, etc. There is no limit to her ability and knowledge, but it's her empathy and understanding that really sets her apart, and makes her something special."
-Shoshanna H.

"I am very impressed with Cindy's bedside manner, her ability to directly address the issues that I need addressed. She is knowledgeable, kind and results oriented, while very being sensitive and intuitive. I highly recommend Cindy's work."
-Rikke A.

"I've been seeing Cindy for knee pain and female issues for a number of months now. She is a great listener, intuitive, confident and kind. I have never felt better and would absolutely recommend her to anyone."
-Keelie D.

"I am so happy to have Cindy in my life! When I see Cindy I feel completely confident in her abilities as an acupuncturist and a healer. She listens to what i say and is able to use her vast knowledge and skills to assist me with my treatments. She is well versed in acupuncture, nutrition, herbal remedies and yoga as well. I always know that i am in good hands when i have an appointment with Cindy!"
-Lauren S.

"She made a believer out of a skeptic. She is caring and highly educated and works WITH the western medical community instead of in competition with them. She helped me get rid of over 2 1/2 years of constant, unbearable pain."
-Kenneth R.

"Cindy is both a skilled healer and a genuine, upbeat person. I went to her for treatment on my neck/shoulder after trying several physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. She listened carefully and helped me to improve from a problem that has lasted a long time. She is someone you can feel comfortable with as a therapist and as a kind, caring soul."
-S. K.

"Cindy is an amazing healer. She helped me through a very difficult pregnancy and after the birth of my second child to get healthy and strong again. I would highly recommend her to all ages. She is also a great listener and goes over and above to heal and help."
-Melissa S.

"Cindy is incredibly good at what she does. I was very nervous the first time I went in, and Cindy was so patient and explained everything about acupuncture that I needed to know. She cares so much about her patients and really does everything in her power to make people feel good. I can't recommend her enough."
-Libby S.

"Cindy Rosenberg helped us conceive and carry to full term after two miscarriages. She truly listens, cares, and knows from both training and experience. Stay the course with her and I'm sure whatever ails you will feel a million times better or be gone completely. She helped my husband w/hand pain and back pain as well. Cindy Rosenberg is indeed a true and sincere healer! She's also kind, patient, and sweet. If you are in search of a competent excellent acupuncture course of treatment you have found the best in West LA."

"I took a bad fall and was experiencing a great deal of pain. Cindy was able to alleviate the pain. She is very insightful and caring."
-Shelly R.

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